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The Aussie Gas Strut Company now offers all visitors the opportunity to purchase on line all their Gas Strut needs..

By using the drop-down menus on the order pages you can design your own Gas Strut. If you are not sure what force rate you require determine the weight of the door. If it is top hinged, half close the door, place a pair of scales (Bathroom scales will do) and with a piece of wood between the scales and the lid approximately half way along its length, tell us the weight in kilograms or pounds and we will work out the rate. If your lift is straight up and down then its much simpler, use the scales to just measure the weight as the door drops.

There is an alternative and that is to send us a drawing giving all dimension and weight and for a small fee $50.00 we will design the Gas Strut and advise you of fitting points with our guarantee that if it doesn’t work we will fix it no charge.

For those who are replacing an existing strut use the drop-down menu to correctly identify your Gas Strut and for us to give the best possible quotation to supply tell us your expected usage per year (we accept call-off orders). Our discount structure is based on tooling time, order 1-6 discount A, 7-20 discount B. 21-50 discount C, 51-100 discount D 101-250 discount E 251-1000 discount F and finally 1000 plus get our maximum discount G. We also offer discount to Trade, OEM and Wholesale customers.
Wholesale customers are those selling on our products to other users.

For those customers with a need to replace a motor vehicle Gas Strut either bonnet or boot just tell us the make model year and position on vehicle. Our data base has listings for most vehicle that were fitted with Gas Struts as original equipment and many more that were not fitted with Gas Struts but for which we have since designed and come complete with all fittings and instructions.

We have separated this site into sections, one for retail sales and trade sales and another section for lockable Gas Strut/Springs. We have used drop down menu for most questions that we need to ask, please take care and answer all questions as appropriate.

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